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Castiel just came on screen for the first time. I might have screamed a little. Then I dropped dead to the floor with excitement and glee over his beautiful, beautiful eyes.

jouissants replied to your post: anonymous asked:You shipping DEST…

I will be shocked—SHOCKED!—if you don’t end up shipping them. :P

I love you so much for the Casablanca reference. Also, yeah. I’ll be pretty shocked too. I mean, passionate human. Serious non-human. Eyesex. Mutual rescuing. Where have I seen that before?

Anonymous asked
You shipping DESTIEL?? Lol or have you not reached that point yet??

Castiel hasn’t been on screen yet, but Dean’s got a sweet handprint on his shoulder, and I saw Misha’s name in the opening credits. I’d say partly tearstreaked, with a 70% chance of shipping.


i’m going to hire someone to slap my hands away from the computer every time i go to watch kirk&spock videos because i will literally always end up crying. even if they’re happy videos. 

i. will. cry. like. a. fucking. child.

malianani asked
I hope your road trip into the Supernatural fandom is a round-trip journey. It'd be a sad day for us readers to lose one of the best writers in the Star Trek fandom today. I'm really anticipating your Romulan kidnapping fic! :)

Aw, thank you! I’m not leaving the Trek fandom. I love this fandom! I’m just tacking another one onto my list and felt I’d better give everyone a head’s up, since I’ve been pretty much a single-fandom blog for the past year. 

I’m also anticipating the Romulan fic. Now I just need a way to just take an idea from my head and make it materialize on screen. O___O

monroemary replied to your post: Guys, if I get sucked into another fan…

Oh, Supernatural really sucked you in then? Lol! I’ve been avoiding that series for ages because I was afraid of the same thing happening to me and I just cannot afford another obsession right now :-DD.

It has! I was worried about it being addicting, and it is. I’m on season 3 now, and despite the occasional silly episode (which was something all WB shows shared, it seems), I’m really into it. I’m also flailing over the guest stars. So far, I’ve seen people from Buffy, Angel, Battlestar Galactica, and Torchwood. :-P

what the other people said: enjoy the early season. (I HOPE YOUR APPLE PIE WAS WORTH IT)

The note I jotted down for the pilot was “Pie as metaphor for normal life.” I assume it’s all downhill from here. 

obsidianembrace replied to your post “sconesforjustice replied to your post “Guys, if I get sucked into…”

destiel? is that your new love? do me a favor and tell me if it’s worth it once you watch all of it. i am a shipper who has never seen an episode. :P good luck.

I don’t know yet! Castiel hasn’t been introduced. I’m just finishing season 2, and I’m told he arrives in season 4. But I will absolutely let you know if I think it’s worth watching.

At the very least, it’s such a dramatic topic change that it’s effectively clearing my head and (I hope) my writing frustration! 

cannedebonbon replied to your post: spicyshimmy replied to your post:…

best of luck and enjoy! (i find the show to be very meh after the first 2.5 seasons but i seem to be the only one XD)

TY! <3

I’m coming up on that time period. I’m on the season 2 finale right now, so…I’ll know shortly how I feel about the later story arcs. I’m finding it up my alley so far, but I’m only so far into it, so. *fingers crossed*

spicyshimmy replied to your post: Guys, if I get sucked into another fan…

GASP!!!! what fandom tho? :D

obsidianembrace replied to your post: Guys, if I get sucked into another fan…

where are you going?

cdrmanamana replied to your post: Guys, if I get sucked into another fan…


whichfandomdoipick replied to your post: Guys, if I get sucked into another fan…

which fandom?

…I might be trading my starship for a ‘67 Impala. Just for a while! You know, a road trip. A road trip through 190+ episodes.