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kirk-spock-in-the-impala asked
I just wanted to say that I've been reading through your Kirk/Spock fic and it is all absolutely fantastic. I think my favorite so far is "Only Fools," but they're all so wonderful it's hard to choose. I love how you write them as multi-dimensional characters that change and mess up and yet still get through in the end. And you give me alllll the angst without it ever falling into melodrama. I love it, so thanks for being awesome <3

Okay, first I love your username, and now I’m envisioning an AU where Kirk and Spock get blasted into our universe and cruise around in Baby (OMG), and TFW gets zapped onto the Enterprise—imagine Dean in the captain’s chair. This makes me super happy. At the very least, I need a picture. Does this exist? Where are the fanartists?? *LOOKS AT YOU ALL ADORINGLY*

And thank you so much! I’m absolutely thrilled that you liked OF. I had such a blast writing it last summer. It means the world to me that you enjoyed it. Please accept this very happy hugging gif:


jadrastic replied to your post: A day in the life of Sam Winchester.

I am glad you still have salt handy. Now we just need to see about getting devil’s traps installed w/o our bosses noticing (though, I suppose we could Garth it and use blueberry vodka, but the smell might be worriesome) #priorities

I could paint one on the office floor and I doubt my boss would blink. He’s into crop circles. He’d understand.

artlesswonder asked
Hey, can I ask you a question? About SPN? I don't watch it, but it's bombarded my dash lately, especially with the ask supernatural hashtag debacle and I was just wondering how big the percentage of destiel shippers there are within the SPN community. Just curious if the show runners are biting off the hand that feeds them, so to speak or if the destiel shippers are small but just a big presence on tumblr. Just curious, mostly because of my understanding of the spirk fandom. Thanks you! :)


museaway just got the exact same question, haha. She does a much better job of exploring the demographic than I would, if you’re curious about actual numbers. As far as the showrunners… they have a long history of pretty obvious queerbaiting. At first it was adorable, then it was funny, then it got old real fast (at least, that was my experience).

Despite all of that, the relationship they’ve built between Castiel and Dean is still one of the best I’ve seen. One thing people forget — especially people who don’t watch the show — is that Castiel isn’t really a dude. He’s not a chick, either. He’s an angel — in Castiel’s own words, “a multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent”. He’s always been an angel, for literally millions of years (he admits to watching the first creature crawl onto land from the sea).

So, in taking a vessel for the first time (ever, that we know of), he just assumed the gender pronouns of the vessel he happened to get. (An angel’s vessel must consent to possession, unlike demon vessels who are possessed against their will. So an angel will take anyone devout of the right bloodline who says “Yes”, regardless of gender. A good example of this is Raphael, who first had a male and then a female vessel.)

Demons are similar, but unlike angels, all demons were once human, and therefore most had some sort of gender identification before becoming genderless beings that had to possess hosts (demons, unlike angels, seem to prefer vessels that share their old gender identity from what I can tell. But still, Crowley — confirmed a male human in the past — still possesses female vessels when he needs/wants, and even Mark Sheppard says he views Crowley as a pansexual entity). 

Anyway, the point of that crash-course in SPN knowledge is for me to explain that, had Castiel taken a female vessel, Dean likely would have slept with Castiel about five seasons ago, and now be engaged in the most epic on-and-off-again relationship in the history of ships (they already do, really — they’ve done everything but sleep with one another).

A shining example of how we know this would be the case is the angel Anael (Anna Milton), who tore out her grace and fell to earth, and happened to be reborn human in the form of an attractive young woman. Even after she’d regained her angel memories and was en-route to reclaiming her “grace” (transforming back into an angel, which would later betray and try to kill them), after knowing her for  whole day and a half, Dean sleeps with her in the back of the Impala in a “last night on earth” sendoff. 

(Keep in mind, in the case of Anael, she was still human at the time, just with angel memories — Castiel has also been in this state on and off before, the difference being Anael wasn’t possessing a vessel. So in general, sexytimes with an angel or demon is basically rape because while you have their consent, you do not have their vessel’s, if that makes sense? But as of the end of s6 (or possibly earlier), Castiel’s vessel is no longer in possession of its human soul — it’s Cas’s own empty vessel now, due to a number of insane shenanigans, so consent or creepiness doesn’t really factor into it anymore.)


And finally, every other character on the show has commented on it to some degree. Balthazar was the most obvious about it, but Metatron and Sam and even Castiel himself have made too many mentions of it that it goes beyond “gay jokes” and swerves right into “we don’t even deny it anymore, we just don’t actually confirm it either”.

Castiel is clearly stupid for Dean (whether or not it’s traditional “love” is up for interpretation, since he is an angel), and Dean gets just as bent out of shape about Castiel being in danger as he does with his own brother — and the type of behavior he exhibits when Cas dies or goes “bad” or elsewise is in some sort of mortal trouble is pretty easy to read.

Last but not least in the way of “proof”, Castiel rebelled against Heaven after knowing Dean for just a few months — something he thought of as horrific and could never imagine himself doing. He says as much while beating the bloody hell out of Dean when Dean almost gives to being Michael’s vessel (basically, starting the apocalypse). Castiel, in his own words, “sacrificed everything — all of it — for you.” 


TL;DR: Destiel is already canon if you ignore the fact that they haven’t actually had sex, and/or if Castiel had gotten a female vessel they’d have shagged ages ago (which might be bad, actually, since anyone Dean sleeps with seems to die or get permanently removed from his life pretty quickly).

ps. also, more and more frequently since s6, the writers have had Castiel running a side-stories (civil war in Heaven, the new “God”, dead, lost in purgatory, prisoner in Heaven, etc etc etc…) that means he doesn’t have a ton of face time with the brothers, which is seen as both stupid and highly frustrating by a lot of fans (even those who don’t ship Destiel, because Castiel+Dean is still hilarious in the platonic sense).

Basically the show was supposed to (and would have) ended after s5, and Castiel’s character was supposed to die after just a few episodes, but his relationship with Dean was so unique and awesome it single-handedly kept the show running for 5 more seasons. Despite this, all they’ve done is tease and tease and rather than continue teasing (I don’t think anyone with a brain actually expects them to deliver) they’ve slapped a lot of their fans in the face by making a joke out of it (not in a good way) and basically removing Dean & Cas interactions from the show almost entirely.

And that’s why #AskSupernatural was such a fiasco.