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So this just happened.

Me: He doesn't believe in personal space.

Me: He doesn't believe in mental space.

Me: *points up* Heck, probably doesn't believe in SPACE!

Co-worker: The final frontier!

Me: I see what you just did!

Co-worker: Wait, what's that from?

Me: ...

Me: ...

Me: ...

Me: ...

Me: ...

Me: ...

Me: Are you serious.


#and this is how Benny gained Dean’s loyalty#he saved his angel#when he couldn’t protect him#because that’s what brothers do#family don’t end in blood#Team Purgatory (via pirrofarfalla)

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Now that I’m feeling better from my personal stuff, I’m back in this chat during the week, so if you’re bored or need company or want to brainstorm fic or talk about anything fandom related, feel free to pop in! I’m at work but I’ll keep an eye on it. 


jadstiel commenting on my DCBB post-Misha ice bath video but just good advice really

sconesforjustice asked
For the Fandom Humiliation (don't worry, I queued it so you can ask me in a week or so): 1 & 11

YAY! I’ll be on the lookout for it.

1. What’s the worst fanfic you’ve ever written/have thought about writing?

Absolutely EVERYTHING I wrote in Harry Potter (with two exceptions, and they’re not good, just passable) was absolute trash, because I was 18-20 at the time. As far as recent stuff goes, I actually thought Please Don’t Touch the Vulcans was pretty meh, but it’s my second most-popular fic, so. Shows what I know about myself. The HP stuff was shit, though. 

11. Just how often do you think about your favorite characters getting down and dirty?

Rarely, if at all. I think about them spending time together more than anything, little quiet moments like watching TV or sleeping or cooking. 

sheergossamer asked
FESS UP! 5, 10, 12

OH FUN! Thanks for playing! :-D

5. Most shameful ship?

I’ve read a lot of excellent meta about Snape/Lily and why it was toxic, and while I agree, I will ship it. Always. 

10. Any fandoms you’d hate to admit you were a part of?

No, I’ve honestly loved every fandom I’ve been a part of, at the time. 

12. Someone found your delicious account…what’s the one fic you’re going to be most humiliated about?

I just scanned down my Pinboard, and I don’t see anything I’m ashamed to admit I like! 

Bored? Play along

'Fess Up! Fandom Humiliation

1. What's the worst fanfic you've ever written/have thought about writing?

2. Admit to a kink you're ashamed you like.

3. Copy paste a line from the first smutty fanfic you wrote or fess up to a sexual fantasy you have about a character.

4. Have you ever read or written RPS/RPF?

5. Most shameful ship?

6. Ever been at the center of fandom drama?

7. What is your fandom guilty pleasure?

8. Share something you did in fandom that you're embarrassed about.

9. Describe the first time you read a smutty fanfic. What ship was it and what kinks were involved?

10. Any fandoms you'd hate to admit you were a part of?

11. Just how often do you think about your favorite characters getting down and dirty?

12. Someone found your delicious account/bookmarks/AO3 account or however you keep track of your favorite fics. What's the one fic you're going to be most humiliated about?

13. Ever been caught reading smut/writing smut/drawing smut/looking at smutty drawings?

14. What would your parent/guardian/family friend think if they saw your tumblr?

15. Oh shit you croaked without getting rid of the fandom stuff you saved to your computer. What's your next of kin or friend going to find when they turn on your computer?

mermellla asked
i'm starting season 3 today. on one hand where did the past few days of my life go? on the other hand holy crap. i've gotten over the scariness but deans pain just might kill me. my friend tells me this is just the beginning and that im in for a world of angst. consider me officially sucked in

First, please accept these hugs because you’ll probably need them. Also some tissues and chocolate and big cuddly blankets. 

Secondly, jadstiel will be around in ten years or so to collect your soul. 

Third, please tell me when you get to the barn scene in season 4! You’ll know the one. :-D

lettersfromeleanorrigby replied to your post “Nothing like art claims to make you feel sick and question all of your…”

hang in there bb

Thank you! I’m trying to focus on work instead of obsessively refreshing LJ. 

sconesforjustice replied

Oh gosh. Yeah. I’ve been picked super-late into the game before and it’s terrifying. Good luck to you!

I’ve been a 2nd & 3rd choice, which makes me happy, since there are almost 200 entries to pick from. It’s like waiting to be picked for dodgeball. I feel like I’m 12.